Why I write

Why I write

I write because my silence is painful.

I write because truth is better than lies.

I write because there is so much love

I write because I am dead inside when I don’t

I am telling everyone what I see and feel

I write because I am funny

Because I am sad

Because I am observant

Because I am clever

Because I am intelligent

Because I noticed that the turkeys who live at the park like sunflower seeds

I write because the beauty of the rose garden is too amazing not to write about.

I write because I can’t believe how beautiful life is

I write because I am not sure who will tell the story of the homeless couple under the freeway

I write because the stories are endless

I write because I do not want to speak all the time

I write because Nature is so beautiful it is painful

I write because I saw a Great Horned Owl when I was a child and it was magnificent

I write because I am so fortunate to be alive and see the stories

I write because it sorts things out

I write because there is both light and darkness in our world

I write because a higher being watches over me

I write because there is a heap of plastic in the ocean.

I write because all of these things are my truth

I write because Love is All We Need.

I write because my words, just like my dance, won’t be shown if I silence them

9 Responses

  1. I love this! Beautiful writing Danielle.

    Much love to you, Bob and girls from us.
    Happy Holidays – hope to see you in the new year!!

    Shanaz & Mark

  2. We write, for the most part, to break our isolation and connect with others–and I mean others within the human experience. Wordless and in pain over horrific violence, especially toward women. What I find is that connections by writing, especially in current social media, tend to be age/group oriented–such as anger, loss, poetry, music, dance, travel, love, cats and dogs, church or not church, etc. So many people are not included. These smaller and more specific groups might be eliminated and perhaps made into one larger readership, in time: We are vulnerable, mortal, and we seek love, acceptance, affection. The dialogue continues…until we are gone.

  3. Yes. All of this is why we write. You are not alone. I’m thankful you continue to write, to communicate, to connect. I hear you. ❤️

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