Pictures from last post–mainly dead stuff

Pictures which would not upload to last post. Taken in Shanghai Old Town, 4th February 2015, especially for Jody. I have quite a few more which I will share at another time. Due to incredibly slow internet, I can’t upload any more. Those of you on Facebook, please check my page for complete photo album of Dead Stuff titled Shanghai 2/4/15. Happy Chinese New Year. Xīnnián kuàilè! 新年快乐

Eeeeels!Dogs in sweatersSkinned frogsDachsundsCentury eggs with suckling pig on the leftFishChickens, ducks, pork drying for feast

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  1. I’m here with your mother trying to log on to the Kindle. She says she has contacted Sydney and she has not responded. She says that is a special password to get on. I think k all she need is an account. So I’m going to set up a new account on Yahoo for her.

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