Nia Testimonials

Nia Testimonials

“I took Danielle’s class last week and the theme was about “balance.” It was precisely what my soul needed. I had just moved my 88 year old mother out here from the east coast and had been feeling so out of balance myself in trying to meet all of her needs. I hadn’t felt like myself until I took Danielle’s class. Danielle’s class also was about the use and power of our hands. Ironically, my career revolves around the use of my hands…. using sign language with my young deaf students. I am also Reiki certified, so her class reminded me of the power we have right within our very own hands. Taking Danielle’s class is better than going to church! I hope she knows that she is changing lives through her work.”

—With my warmest regards, a grateful student in Danville.


Danielle is such an inspiration to me! Her classes are always a journey of delight that take us from wherever it is we each are when we enter the studio to a completely different place in which we are all connected to one another and more deeply connected to our own hearts.

She shows up whole-heartedly and calls our hearts into the room and the dance with her. Nia is based in the joy and pleasure of movement and Danielle is a beautiful example of what that means.

—J.L.  San Ramon


Danielle’s class is a joy – she is so musical and athletic, and the music is always great, whether it is a classic Nia routine or a special Danielle mix. Her classes always leave me feeling happy, alive, and spiritually at peace. She is so experienced at helping the class feel successful in learning the dances – it’s a great Nia day when I can take a class from this Nia Black Belt!

—SR, San Ramon


I always have been doing exercise, weights, yoga, pilates, spin, ….. but two years ago I met Danielle and NIA and just loved it!!!
She’s one of the best NIA teachers; her classes are fun, relaxing, you get a workout and at the end of the class you walk out the door feeling light, free and happy.

—TG, Pleasanton

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