Flower Essence Testimonials

Flower Essence Testimonials

It’s revealing; it’s life changing – I’ve noticed big changes in my life since beginning the flower therapy.  Moving through grief, increasing self-esteem, courage, getting more clear. I will be talking with Danielle. I don’t know that I know it, but the answers are revealing themselves. In this inquiry and by being present with you, she’s able to cut through what you’re saying and what’s being said or not being said. It’s a different form–than expounding or being expressive. Flowers allow you to come inside and identify and what are the areas that are blocking you. I’ve stopped smoking, left an unhealthy relationship and my grief is no longer overwhelming me.

I think the flower essence and Nia unstuck what was stuck. Got me moving, internally and externally.

—MM, Lafayette


Danielle, the flower essences you made for me are assisting me so much. I’ve noticed a big change in how I feel throughout the day: grounded, in my body, calm, breathing deeply, and just in my own flow in such a beautiful way. It’s been a blessing in this hectic and transitional time. Thank you so much.

—DT, San Francisco


With the Holidays and all the stress, she gave me Impatience. Suddenly, my days are blissful. I’m not flustered; so much rolls off my back, now. I’m a Virgo; so normally, I need everything to be just so. All of a sudden nothing disturbs me. It’s brought me back to the present. 

—TB, Reiki Practitioner